Stephen Nash Examines Virginia's Changing Climate

Virginia Climate Fever: How Global Warming Will Transform Our Cities, Shorelines, and Forests







What is unique about Stephen Nash's latest book Virginia Climate Fever, is that instead of reporting climate change as a global issue or even as an issue of the Western Hemisphere, the author shows that climate change is also a local problem. He does so by using non-scientific language to acquaint us with Virginia's historical weather data, the changes and impacts to our state observed and measured over decades, and how ongoing changes will come to impact Virginia and it's residents in the decades to come.

In the first chapter Mr. Nash explains why it is important for us - the citizens of Virginia - to discuss the effects of climate change in our state:

We live here and we make decisions together. We'll have to plan for climate change much of the time within the political confines of the state or of a community, rather than as part of some larger group. We have responsibilities to each other, to the natural systems we depend on, and to Virginia's landscape, one of surpassing richness and beauty.

Climate change is a subject that often leads to ferocious arguments that often play out politically and reported by the media. For those who believe that climate change is hysteria, a mistake, or a conspiracy, Mr. Nash's style as a writer is inviting and easy-going:

If you’re a citizen who tends to think the whole climate discussion is overblown - some of my smarter friends do, too… maintain your convictions, but also listen to the scientists I’ve talked with. Judge their reasoning, evidence and credentials, and compare them with the people you usually pay attention to. We can tune in any time to political pundits we like… but what we really know about climate change - and how it will disrupt and alter Virginia’s cities, shorelines, forests, and agriculture - doesn’t originate with politics. It’s science.

Over the coming weeks we'll be sharing more of Mr. Nash's book and his findings. We invite you to learn with us. For more on his book including reviews and purchase information, please visit the Virginia Climate Fever website.

An award winning journalist and University of Richmond Visiting Senior Research Scholar, Stephen Nash has practiced and taught journalism for more than 25 years. Reporting on science and the environment, Mr. Nash has written articles for The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, E Magazine as well as several other publications. Virginia Climate Fever is his latest book. His personal website can be found at