Efficiency / Conservation

Energy efficiency and conservation measures are cheap and clean ways to reduce current and future demand for growth in energy production.  A 2008 report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) stated that Virginia had the potential to use energy efficiency to meet about 20% of the state’s electricity needs by 2025.  Implementing policies to achieve this level of energy efficiency could save consumers $15 billion from lower electricity bills and create thousands of new jobs.

Virginia has adopted an Energy Efficiency Resource Standard (EERS) with a statutory goal to achieve savings of 10% of Virginia’s 2006 electricity sales by the year 2022.  Currently, Virginia utilities rank 32nd in the nation in the percentage of revenues they spend on efficiency.  We need to urge our utilities and state legislature to devote more financial resources to accomplishing the energy efficiency goal.


WCAN and Energy Efficiency

In October 2010,  WCAN participated in the 350.org Global Work Day by joining with the Eco Discovery Park organization to purchase and install 3500 compact florescent lights (CFLs) in businesses and low cost housing in the Williamsburg area.  WCAN plans to devote more time and resources to energy efficiency in our local area, and we welcome your volunteer help.


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