Carbon Offsets at William & Mary offer Local Impact

W&M Carbon Offset Program Most of us want to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide someone else is putting into the atmosphere.  But when it comes to turning the spotlight on our own activities, it can become a little uncomfortable.  For example, do we give up a family reunion in California because, added to all of our other activities, it makes our carbon footprint look like that of a dinosaur?  One way to compensate is to use carbon offset programs.

Carbon Offset programs suggest a donation to create a positive action for the environment to counterbalance our actions which might negatively affect the environment – (like the carbon dioxide emitted by that airplane on our round trip flight to California).

Right here in our neighborhood the College of William & Mary has created the first Carbon Offset program based at a university where 100% of the offset funds go toward energy reducing projects on the campus.  Here’s how it works:  To offset my recent trip to California, I visited the W&M Carbon Offset website.  I calculated that I could offset my domestic flight from Williamsburg to and from the West Coast by contributing a specific amount that will be funneled to campus energy-reducing projects.  If I can’t completely reduce my footprint by contributing the suggested amount, I can still contribute what I can to help reduce the size of that - or other - footprint.  The W&M site makes it easy to contribute carbon offsets to diminish footprints created by air travel, car travel, home life, or other activities.

Visit W&M Carbon Offset and take responsibility for those footprints!